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How Hiring an Expert Plumber Can Save You Money

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Hiring an expert plumber helps keep more dollars in your wallet!

Believe it or not, hiring an expert plumber can save you money. Many people think that hiring an expert plumber is expensive, especially for what appear to be small plumbing jobs. Some homeowners think, “I can do this myself and save money.” Armed with limited tools, equipment, and knowledge, they charge ahead. Others think, “All I need is a handyman to take care of this. They are a lot cheaper than a real plumber.” The next thing you know, someone is banging away on their pipes and fixtures, about to do damage to the home or themselves.

Both cases are troubling. The fact is that plumbing is a highly specialized trade requiring extensive training and experience. What seems like little jobs often mask larger plumbing issues that surface during the repair. Before you make the mistake of tackling a job on your own or hiring an unqualified handyman, keep reading. This article will show how hiring an expert plumber can save you money.

Problems with DIY Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing repair videos on YouTube always make it look easy. The homeowner always has the right tools and the right replacement parts. Plus, knows exactly how to fix the problem, and everything goes smoothly. But it rarely goes smoothly in real life. Here is why:

  • You can’t always find the right video. There are thousands of plumbing fixtures on the market, and the video showing how to repair your exact brand and model may not exist.
  • Most people don’t have the specialized tools or equipment needed for their job.
  • The setup doesn’t look exactly like it does in the video. Most people don’t have the experience to understand the variety of hoses, nuts, and hardware found under sinks today.

As a result, most DIY plumbing repair projects end up costing a lot of time. You have to watch lots of videos, some more than once. You have to make multiple trips to the hardware store and often stand in line to return the wrong parts you bought. In addition, you may have to buy some personal protective equipment to prevent injury and expensive medical bills. And after all that, you still might not be able to fix your plumbing problem! At the end of the day, you wasted a lot of time, bought things you didn’t need, and still have to hire an expert plumber.

The Expensive Handyman

Saving money is always the promise of a handyman. The handyman may have once been a tradesman or worked in construction. They may have some knowledge of basic plumbing but little or no formal training. In addition, they’re typically not licensed, insured, or bonded. This causes several problems, especially if the repairs are not completed or, worse yet, done wrong and cause more damage. Here is why:

  • You have no legal right to sue your handyman for an incomplete job. The money you paid the handyman is gone, and you still have to hire an expert plumber to finish the job.
  • If the work is shoddy, water heaters could explode, fires can start caused by poor electrical work, and leaks can develop into a moldy mess.
  • Your home warranties can be nullified. According to, one common way that homeowners void their warranty is by performing unauthorized repairs. Work done by an unlicensed contractor or yourself is typically considered unauthorized repairs.

All of these reasons will cost you more money in the long run. The risks of using unlicensed and unqualified handymen for a plumbing repair job far outweigh the savings you may or may not gain.

Mac 5 Services is an Expert Plumber that Can Save You Money

Saving you time and money is what Mac 5 Services is all about. Mac 5 Services is an expert plumber in Brevard County, specializing in residential plumbing services. We are licensed by the state of Florida, so you can be sure all our repairs follow strict protocol and code requirements. Mac 5 Services is fully insured, so in the unlikely event of damage to your home or injury to one of our technicians, you are off the hook. We are bonded, so you can be sure we will complete your job. Finally, we constantly invest in the latest equipment, and our technicians received continuous training. That way, we always bring the right tools to the job, and our technicians know the latest developments in plumbing technology. Mac 5 Services gets the job done right the first time will save you time, frustration, and money.

Visit us on the web and learn more about our full line of plumbing services like water heater service, drain cleaning, and Leak Detection. While you are there, check out the many benefits of our Neighbor Plan.

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